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Suunto Vector HR Black Watch • Suunto SS015301000

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Suunto Vector HR Black Watch • Suunto SS015301000

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Suunto Vector HR Black Watch • Suunto SS015301000

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Description: Suunto Vector HR Black Watch • Suunto SS015301000

Time, Alti, Baro, Comp, Thermo, Chrono, HRM

The Suunto Vector HR Black Watch (Suunto SS015301000) takes the venerable Suunto Vector to the next level by adding heart rate monitoring functions to all the virtues of the basic Vector, including compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and chronograph.

While running, cycling, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, etc., with the Suunto Vector HR Black Watch you can monitor the effects of your activity on your heart by measuring beats per minute and the effects of altitude on your heart with zone alarms that indicate high and low HR levels according to parameters you preset.

The Suunto Vector HR Black Watch includes the Suunto Comfort Belt which wirelessly collects and tracks your heart rate. Thin adjustment and closing buckles minimize friction, allowing you to train comfortably.


Specifications: Suunto Vector HR Black Watch • Suunto SS015301000

• Size:

51mm x 15.6mm

• Case:

Orange, durable composite

• Bezel:

Black, bi-directional rotating, 360 degree compass markers, contrasting orange inner bezel ring

• Dial:

Digital dial, negative display

• Crystal:

Durable plastic, integrated bubble level

• Movement:

Quartz digital, 12/24 hour format, calendar pre-programmed to 2089, 3 daily alarms

• Chronograph:

Digital chronograph functions, including stopwatch with 24 hour range, and countdown timer with 24 hour range, max number of split times in memory 30

• Heart Rate

Monitor and record heart rate in 20sec • 60sec • 10min • 60min intervals, zone alarms indicate high and low heart rate levels based on user-selected parameters, heart rate monitor operates with the altimeter to indicate the physiological impact of both altitude and vertical rate of movement, the Comfort Belt wirelessly collects heart rate data and fits comfortably with special size adjustment and closing buckles, and features a user-replaceable battery

• Compass:

Electronic compass displays bearing in degrees with cardinal or half cardinal points and North-South arrow, bearing tracking function displays locked bearing/actual bearing for following a user-chosen bearing, bubble level built into the upper right corner of the crystal to ensure reading accuracy of +/- 2-3 degrees, declination setting to correct the difference between true and magnetic North

• Altimeter:

Displays current altitude with 3 meter/10 feet resolution and range up to 9,000 meters/29,500 feet, ascent/descent rate in meters/minute or feet/minute, altitude alarm, vertical difference function allows zeroing of readings to track vertical progress between stages, auto 24-hour memory records altitude and ascent/descent rate every hour, logbook with 8kb capacity records total ascent/descent, average ascent/descent rate, number of runs skied, duration of log, and can record at various user-selected intervals (20s, 60s, 10min, 60min)

• Barometer:

Resolution of 0.05 inHg/1 mbar, absolute pressure range of 8.9-32.4 inHg/300-1100 mbar, sea level pressure range of 27.25-31.9 inHg/921-1080 mbar, pressure difference function allows zeroing of the readings for tracking such things as overnight changes in pressure and temperature, auto 4-day memory stores pressure data in one-hour intervals for 6 hours then in six-hour intervals revealing barometric trends useful for weather forecasting, user adjustable sea level pressure function

• Thermometer:

Operating range -20 degrees C/-5 degrees F to +60 degrees C/+140 degrees F, resolution 1 degree C/1 degree F, temperature sensor located on the case back, remove watch from wrist for at least 15 minutes for accurate reading

• Power:

User-replaceable battery, low battery warning, average 1-year life

• Illumination:

Electro-luminescent backlight

• Submersible:

3 atm/30 meters/100 feet

• Band:

Black elastomer strap with tang clasp, width 22mm

• Mass:


• Additional:

User-replaceable straps

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