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Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR

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Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR

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Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR

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Description: Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR

Pathfinder Solar Atomic Triple Sensor Yachting Timer

The Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch is a state of the art instrument for outdoor and sports activities. Its triple sensor features include compass and altimeter for navigation aids, and barometer and thermometer to keep you in touch with current and changing weather conditions.

Because the Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR is solar powered, you never need to worry about changing a battery. It delivers a lot of sports utility with full chronograph and countdown timer functions, and atomic timekeeping maintains up to the second accuracy.

Whether you are hiking through the mountains, crossing a desert or competing in a regatta, the Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR will help you tame the great outdoors.


Specifications: Casio Pathfinder PAW1300Y-1VCR Watch • Casio PAW1300Y-1VCR

• Size:

47.4mm x 11.5mm

• Case:

Black tone stainless steel

• Bezel:

Black durable resin, stationary

• Controls:

Mode/function/chrono pushers at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 o'clock positions

• Dial:

Duplex LCD display (dual-level display screen indicates direction readings by a pointer that seems to float above other display data), compass markers 0 to 359 degrees on chapter ring

• Crystal:

Scratch-resistant, hardened/tempered mineral glass

• Movement:

Precision quartz digital, module 3070, 12/24 hour time, world time (30 cities), calendar day/date/month/year, pre-programmed to the year 2099, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signals

• Accuracy:

Atomic timekeeping, multi-band 5 frequencies [WWVB (USA) 60 kHz, JJY40 (Japan) 40 kHz, JJY60 (Japan) 60 kHz, MSF (UK) 60 kHz, DCF77 (Germany) 77.5kHz], receives time calibration radio signals which keep the displayed time accurate, auto-receive function (6 times per day), manual receive function signal option, +/-15 seconds per month without radio signal calibration

• Chronograph:

Stopwatch function, 1/100 second resolution, measuring capacity 23:59'59.99", elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times, countdown timer with progress beeper (serves well as yachting timer)

• Yachting Timer:

Countdown function, range 59'59", 1 second resolution, user-configurable countdown progress beepers (eg. once every minute for the final 10 minutes, then once every 10 seconds for the final minute, then once every second for the final 10 seconds), a longer acoustic tone signals the end of the countdown, stopwatch function automatically starts at the end of the countdown to time the race, auto or manual repeat option

• Compass:

Digital compass, 16 points of measurement, 0 to 359 degrees, resolution 1 degree, the direction the 12 o'clock is pointing toward is displayed as a numeral, the dual LCD display also shows 4 pointers that indicate magnetic north, south, east and west (graphic direction pointer), bidirectional calibration and northerly calibration function

• Altimeter:

Displays current altitude, measuring range -700m to 10,000m/-2,300ft to 32,800ft, resolution 5m/20ft, reference altitude setting, auto altimeter memory capacity 40 records, memory data (altitude, month, date, time), high altitude/low altitude memory, cumulative ascent/descent memory, relative altitude display, altitude tendency graph, altitude differential graphic, altitude alarm, optional meters or feet

• Barometer:

Displays current atmospheric pressure, range 260 to 1,100 hPa (mb)/7.65 to 32.45 inHg, optional readout in hPa (mb) or inHg, resolution 1 hPa (mb)/0.05 inHg, atmospheric pressure differential graphic, atmospheric pressure tendency graph, revealing barometric trends useful for weather forecasting

• Thermometer:

Range -10 to 60°C/14 to 140°F, resolution 0.1°C/0.2° F, optional readout between celsius (°C) and fahrenheit (°F)

• Power:

Solar powered, maintains charge in average room light, battery power indicator, power save function (automatically disables LCD if the watch is left in the dark for approximately 60 to 70 minutes and sensor measurements if the watch is left in the dark for six or seven days), 5 months battery life with no exposure to light in power save mode

• Illumination:

Electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow and auto function

• Submersible:

10 atm/100 meters/330 feet, suitable for recreational swimming, snorkeling

• Band:

Black durable resin strap, tang clasp, 25.5mm width, men's length

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